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i have friends and a life so im not really active on here sorry bye 

olivia this blog is dead dear also wtf happened to you im so sorry

idek how to reply to this clusterfuck 

im not haha crazy im google the poem you wrote back in 2009 memorize it and get the entirity of it tattooed on my back crazy

i could not be more pissed with my schedule 

catcalling is actually so rare i don’t know why this website makes such a big deal out of it like if you’re a teenage girl and you actually fucking get catcalled multiple times a week you’re either half naked or in the wrong part of town

if you’re “afraid” to go outside get the fuck over yourself 

No one honestly needs to carry a knife in their garter get the fuck over yourselves

Anonymous sent:

francis is the anglicised version of the real french name françois. therefore the personification of france should really be called françois. so calling france françois is not 'incorrect', just a different spelling of the canon and actually more accurate.

Congratulations you are the piss lord of shit mountain

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